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#7DayGarnierChallenge: Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Face Wash & Multi Action Fairness Cream Review + Win exciting prizes from Garnier

#7DayGarnierChallenge: Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Face Wash & Multi Action Fairness Cream Review | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog

#7DayGarnierChallenge: Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Face Wash & Multi Action Fairness Cream Review | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog, Garnier white complete speed white facewash review, Garnier white complete fairness cream review india, indian beauty blog, indian makeup blog, Skincare, skin whitening, Instant bright skin
#7DayGarnierChallenge: Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Face Wash & Multi Action Fairness Cream Review

Hey Everyone,

Some days back Garnier India contacted me to took up #7DayGarnierChallenge and try their new products from White Complete speed white range. So I have been using these products from last 10 days following the instructions that are mentioned on pack and now ready to share my experience with these products. Well normally I don't really review products just after using it for 10 days but as it was a 7 day challenge so I am, this time reviewing products based on my 10 day usage experience. Okay before I start with the review, want to mention all our readers can also get the chance to try one of these products as well just stick by the end..I'll tell you how can get these products after finishing up the review. Let's zoom in to know more:

What Brand says:

Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Face Wash
Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull and dark. Garnier White complete fairness face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you recover a clear, radiant, even complexion.

Garnier White Complete speed white Fairness Cream
Multi action fairness cream for glowing sin. Instant whitening, protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA & UVB sun rays, Long lasting fairness with regular use.

Price: Face Wash: Rs.145/- for 100gm
          Cream: Rs.160/- for 40gm

Shelf Life: 36 months each


Made in India

My experience with Garnier White Complete Speed White Face wash & Cream:


The face wash has regular opaque tube packaging with yellow color flip open cap that shuts properly every time making it easy to carry along in your travel or handbag. I like how they have provided all the important information about the product right from the usage direction to list of ingredients..everything!

The Cream has all white color tub packaging with screw open cap..I liked the packaging. It comes in a white color outer box cover/carton that has all necessary information mentioned on itself.


Both the products have refreshing lemon-y fragrance to it.

What it does?

Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Face Wash is white color, thick consistency mousse cream formula that foams really well. You just need little amount at a time to create thick creamy lather. I like face washes that foams well and this is one such product. The citrus fragrance does makes you feel fresh as you clean your facial skin with this but I don't like how the fragrance stays there and does not fades even after cleaning the face. I like to massage the foam on my face for a good two minutes and wash off with normal tap water afterwards.

This face wash cleans facial skin pretty well, taking off all dirt, pollution, oil from the face. After wash skin does looks clear and bright. I felt it also mattify skin which would be a good thing for those with combination to oily skin types. I have dry skin and it's mattifying properties made my skin dry, specially the area like corner of my nose became very dry and i felt little itchiness there (in the initial days).

Okay now coming to it's fairness claims, Honestly I feel brands should not use these kind of misleading claims...let's be real! It is a good face wash for combination to oily skin type that clears skin nicely taking off all dirt, pollution and dullness thus gives you a clear, brighter and matte skin. Not suitable for all skin types contrary to what is claimed by the brand.

The face wash is a good budget buy, you get 100 gram of quantity for 145/- Indian rupees. This tube will easily lasts for many months as you don't require a lot of product at a time plus the quantity is quite good.

Overall Rate: 3/5

Garnier White Complete Speed White Multi Action Fairness Cream is white color, cream formula that has air light consistency. It is a day cream with SPF19 PA+++ that protects your facial skin harmful UVA and UVB rays and has pure lemon essence which is known for clarifying and brightening skin.

You don't require too much of this cream, in fact just a pea size is enough for the face. You need to massage it for a few seconds to let it get absorbed completely. Once absorbed it does gives you a brighter skin instantly and skin does looks slightly even toned than how it was before using this. On my dry skin, i feel it little drying, also it slightly very slightly what to say ummm kind of has sticky feel right after the application but after about 5-10 minutes it became normal so that's not a big issue.

Garnier claims it gives fair skin over time well again I'll exactly repeat what i said for the face wash :D but yess if you are looking for a instant matte effect and brighter looking skin , it can be your everyday go to cream. It would be suitable for normal, oily and combination skin, dry skin people should definitely skip as it is mattifying and is not moisturizing enough for dry skin.

Overall Rate: 3/5

Verdict: Garnier White Complete Speed White face wash and cream would be a good combo to try for those looking for everyday instant brighter and matte skin. These products are best suitable for people with normal, combination and oily skin. Face wash takes off all dirt, pollution and oil from face giving you bright and matte skin while the cream is good for everyday use for instant brightening and mattifying effect. Dry skin people may find these products further drying so can definitely skip this combo.

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*Now here's your chance to try one of these products for free :) Just click here to claim a sample and then share your experience after 7 day use by leaving a comment below, If you get lucky you can win exciting prizes from Garnier :)

*PR Samples, unbiased review as always :)

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