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Patanjali Honey Orange face wash review and pictures

Patanjali Honey Orange face wash review and pictures

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Patanjali Honey Orange face wash review and pictures

What Brand says:

This face wash is a unique blend of natural herbs and honey. It's 100 % soap free deep cleansing gel specially formulated for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. Neem, Tulsi and Haldi are natural antiseptic, it removes impurities and prevents pimple and acne. Mulethi gives freshness, Aloe and Honey makes skin smooth and glowing.


45/- INR for 60 g

Shelf Life:

18 months

My experience with this face wash:


The face wash has a opaque white color, squeeze to dispense, tube packaging with a flip open cap. The packaging is nothing fancy, but practical and simple and to the point information of all necessary details which i really liked. The cap locks in properly and does not leak at all which makes it good to carry along for travel.


Patanjali Honey Orange face wash 


It smells yummy just like fresh juicy oranges :)

Color, Texture & Consistency:

The face wash is transparent orange color gel, which is neither too thick nor very liquid-y.


The face wash is a 100% soap free product. It is a herbal product which is a good blend of some of very famous Indian herbs known for their skin healing properties and benifits like Neem, Tulsi, Haldi etc. I appreciate how they have mentioned each of the ingredient and their composition at the back of the tube.

Face wash:

The face wash as i said is a medium thick gel consistency, which does not really feel like a face wash once you start to massage it on your skin. It takes few seconds to foam but still it does not foam well but that has nothing to do with it's efficacy right? This is a very good gentle face wash, which i think would be suitable for all skin types. I have a dry skin type and i love using Orange based products for i love the brightening effect they give to my skin. Though it does not foams too much but i leaves my skin squeaky clean every time i wash my face with this. The skin feels nice, clear and super smooth after wash and i like how it maintains the moisture balance of skin. I never felt the need to rush for a moisturiser, after washing my face with this face wash.

It is a very good face wash in gentle cleansers category.

Patanjali Honey Orange face wash review and pictures


It is super affordable, so won't burn a hole in your pocket and it is loaded with famous Indian herbs known for Skin healing properties.


1) Simple, travel friendly packaging
2) Inexpensive
3) A gentle cleanser
4) 100% soap free
5) Have some well known skin healing Indian herbs
6) Does not dry out skin
7) Cleans skin thoroughly
8) Skin feels smoother and radiant



Overall Rate:


Verdict: A very good herbal, inexpensive face wash, if you are looking to try something herbal based for your skincare routine. Suitable for all skin types. It is a good everyday face wash for gentle cleansing, which can be used multiple times a day without worrying about anything!

I have tried almost all the products from Patanjali but this was my first face wash from them. I am going herbal nowadays for my skincare atleast as much as i can :)) Have you tried this face wash yet or any other favorites from Patanjali range? Share your favorites with us :))

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