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I Love... Strawberry face mask Review & Pictures

I Love... Strawberry face mask Review | Indian Beauty Blog

What company claims:

Deep cleanses, refreshes skin and remove dead cells revealing beautifully refreshed, silky smooth skin.






Made in UK
Hello Beauties,
Today's product review is on a strawberry peel off mask from I Love... cosmetics i have earlier reviewed another mask from the range here. Let's zoom in to know more.

The mask comes in a white color sachet with a heart design and cute details given on the back of it. I liked how they have explained details, direction and caution so cutely. The packaging is surely interesting, can ofcourse be carried in travel bag too.

This mask has a very tempting fragrance of strawberry.Directions are explained on the pack itself.

The face mask is a sticky clear gel with a strawberry tint to it. It has the usual kind of texture that these peel off masks have generally. Once on this gives a nice cooling sensation on facial skin and the yummy fragrance pleases the senses..making this overall an indulging experience.  It takes about 15 minutes to dry completely and once dried it comes off easlily in one go.

The skin looks clean and specially the pore feels as if the dirt have been pulled out of them. But i noticed the glow we see after the pack is missing and skin feels a little dry and stretchy.This much of quantity is good enough for twice usage but still i think it is definitely pricey.


1) Cute, travel friendly packaging
2) Nice fragrance
3) Easy to peel off.
4) Cleanse pores.


1) Pricey
2) Does not deliver glow to the skin
3) Skin feels dry

Overall Rate:


Verdict: Can be given a try if you wish to try something new and do not mind the price. An average product with cute packaging!

Have you tried any face mask from I Love cosmetics yet? Which is your favorite face mask? Let me know in the comment section below.
Till i see you next time...
Stay beautiful
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)
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