Thursday, January 23, 2014

Liebster Award again!!!

Liebster Award again!!!

Hey Everyone
I am super excited and happy to share with you all that i been nominated by two of my fellow bloggers for liebster award. Who does not love awards and getting one  from the fellow bloggers ahha i take them as a token of love and support. It's always a great feeling to see your work appreciated. I was nominated by my lovely blogger friend Huda of Lipstickholic blog  and Jhilmil from Beauty & Beyond blog. Thank you so much Huda and Jhilmil for the nomination gals. Do check them out and subscribe to their lovely blogs if you have not already ;)

Now coming to the question and answer round. I will be answering each of them questions one by one separately. Huda nominated me for the award last month in December, so let me start with her first.

Questions asked by Huda:

1. When and why you started blogging?
Me- I was a youtuber earlier(still i am :p) i used to upload my makeup videos, hauls and product reviews. I initially started my blog as a platform for providing further details and images of/about the products i was using in videos, to my viewers. This is how it initially started and became a blogger :)

2. Where does your blogging inspiration comes from?
Me- Nothing in particular but yes the constant love and support from by readers and fellow bloggers, pushes me to take one more step forward.

3. Who's your favorite beauty blogger?
Me- Youtuber and blogger Eman makeup artist.

4. What have you learned from blogging experience?
Me- Everyday is a new learning experience either blogging or life, but yes it has made me more disciplined and am much better at time management now.

5. Your favorite beauty/fashion quote?
Me. A girl should be two things classy and fabulous.

6. What was the last makeup/beauty product you bought?
Me- Last weekend only i purchased a new blush palette from kryolan along with some other staple products.

7. Your most favorite beauty product(s)?
Me- Kryolan Translucent powder and Real techniques brush set core collection.

8. One makeup/beauty item you can't live without?
Me- Mascara.

9. Your signature look?
Me- A messy top bun, natural looking makeup with focus on clear complexion, loads of mascara and stained lips... that's my everyday go to look.

10. What makeup/beauty products you always have in your purse/bag?
Me- My holy grail kryolan loose powder, lip balm and one lip color whichever am wearing that particular day.

11. What's your new year resolution?
Me- To spend less on makeup :D (has broken this already)

Question asked by Jhilmil:

1. Your favourite celebrity Diva?
Me- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

2. Black or White?
Me- White.

3. One makeup product name that you can associate with?
Me- Mascara :)

4. Most over hyped makeup brand?
Me- I think em cosmetics. No offense to michelle i totally love her but i think there was so much hype about the range when it was launched and still it is there.

5. Few essential things you never forget to carry around?
Me- A compact mirror, lipstick, white eye pencil, loose powder and lip balm.

6. Name a city where you would like to be born again, other than your own city?
Me- I am born in Delhi and would never want to change that.. Yess i love my roots very much.

7. One underrated makeup brand?
Me- Kryolan.

8. What would you change about the world if given the powers?
Me- Oh wow!! That has to be my favorite question :D I would paint the world pink, will make cosmetics and makeup duty free everywhere. That heavy custom duty we girls pay(sometimes) for international shopping, i would make that zero too. Okay how about appointing a special force for women security in every corner of the world? huhh what you all think :)

9. Your idol?
Me- None. Life inspires me everyday!!

10. Share a beauty tip?
Me- Always finish your warm bath by splashing fresh cold water on face for about five times, it closes the pores opened, improves the blood circulation and gives you flushed color cheeks. I do it everyday :)

Time for the nominations now, i nominate the following blogs for the liebster award (in no particular order):
1. Natasha My little world of makeup
2. Rachna My Beauty Express
3. Gowthamy Beauty Frontline
4. Sadia  Sadia Malik's Blog
5. Vipra Forever Magnifico
6. Saniya BeautynBuzz
7. Simera Beautetude
8. Shubha Blue Velvet Addict
9. Poo Beautyandmakeupmatters
10. Lisha Heart Bows & Makeup
11. Manisha Mani Matters

Rules of The Liebster Award:

1. When any of your fellow blogger nominates you, you will need to accept it and make a post about it on your blog.
2. You need to answer the 11 questions that are asked by the blogger who has nominated you.
3. You cannot nominate or tag back the same blogger who has nominated you.
4. Finally you need to set 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
5. After you are done you can add the Liebster Award badge to your blog.

Finally the questions you need to answer to qualify for the award:

1. What is your favorite type of post you like to write about(more often)?
2. Three makeup essentials.
3. Your one favorite facial feature you like to focus more on?
4. High bun, low bun or no bun?
5. Lipstick or a lipgloss.
6. Blush or bronzer.
7. Red, pink or nude, take your pick?
8. What's your favorite makeup brand?
9. What's your favorite foundation?
10. Any brand you wish to try this year?
11. Worst makeup product you tried/purchased?

Finally once again i like to thank both of my blogger friends Huda and Jhilmil for nominating me, thanks girls.
Congratulations to all those who are nominated, do collect your award and make a post on it. I would love to read your answers :D
Till next time..
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)
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