Thursday, September 26, 2013

Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power Cleanser Review

Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power Cleanser  Review

What company claims:

Cleans 10x deeper than regular cleansing.
Neutrogena wave is a one of a kind gentle vibrating cleanser thats going to shake up the way you wash your face.
After just one use, your skin feels remarkably fresher and smoother.


799/- INR

Pack Includes:

Power cleanser, Attachment head, 1 battery and 14 ceansing pads.

How it works:

Gentle vibrations cleans 10x deeper to remove more dirt, oil and makeup. Smoothe away dead skin cells for softer,smoother skin in just one use.

How to use:

1- Attach one disposable pad to the attachment head.
2- Hold wave under running water to activate cleansing pad.
3- Turn it on and massage gently over face avoiding eye area.
4- Once done,rinse thoroughly and dispose of pad.

My experience with the product:

If you have checked out my latest haul, you might know i bought this cute baby few days back. Some of you wanted me to do a review about this. So here is an early review from the experience of 10 days use.

Starting with the packaging first of all, it comes in this pink and white box with with a plastic case inside that carries the device, battery and pads safely.

Coming to the power cleanser,other than its cute little good looks i also love how they have named it WAVE. It says "wave hello to softer skin".
Wave cleanser is actually very small in size that it fits perfectly into the palms and the curve shape given, helps with the maximum control. It has a opening on one side. Once opened you see this space for battery. Inside the cap there is also this black rubber ring given(like we have in pressure cooker) that i guess helps stop water going in, making this water resistant.

On the other side, there is a power button to turn it on and off. Also i really liked the texture given on the pink portions, it is rubber like that again gives excellent grip to the hands to hold the device with ease. Its has very light weight and so easy to work with.
Coming to the product's claim of 10x deeper cleansing, lets see how it faired-

Firstly let me tell you i really don't have any issues with my skin. I never had any break out in my life but have a few open pores and my skin is really sensitive that it turns red if i use anything harsh. I didn't had too many expectations from its claims but to my surprise, just with one time use i got such thoroughly cleansed and smooth skin. I never thought my skin could get any more softer than it was. But this baby did magic in one use only. I got skin soft and smooth like a dream. Yeah baby i mean it. Now after 10 days of use, i can see this glow on my skin that comes only when your pores are perfectly clean.

Though the company claims this is gentle enough for daily use but i really don't use it daily, instead i prefer to use this 3 times a week. Another thing i noticed is that no time guidance is given on the packaging about how long to use it at a time. I prefer to use this for 1 minute.

They give you 14 disposable pads with this but the bad thing is you can't use them more than once. So its like a monthly expense to buy refill pads that cost 299/- or 399/- not sure. But other than that its a great product to include in the skincare.

1) Dermatologist tested

2) Cute and handy enough for ease of use.

3) Excellent grip.

4) Water resistant for use in shower.

5) Cleansed skin 10x deeper actually.


1) You have to purchase refill pads monthly to use it.

2) Instruction not provided on how many minutes to use this.

Verdict: Wave hello to softer skin! Surely.

Overall verdict:
See you next time..

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aishwarya Rai "Umrao Jaan" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Aishwarya Rai "Umrao Jaan" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Good morning

Today i am posting a celebrity inspired makeup. This look is inspired from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's look in the movie "Umrao jaan" from the song 'Salaam'. I love her in all the looks she carried in this film ( no wonder if you see me again doing a look from this movie in coming days).

Being an Indian obviously i love bollywood movies but i prefer classic romance over masala movies but its not like this always, depends upon my mood too :)

Here's her picture i used for inspiration. Is not she gorgeous, no wonder she is one timeless classic beauty.

Click below to watch the tutorial, i  uploaded  yesterday on my youtube channel.

and here are my pics

Hope you all enjoyed watching the tutorial. Do let me know how you find this.

Till i see you next time
God bless

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Born Pretty Pro Bottle Gourd Sponge Flawless Foundation Beauty Makeup Powder Puff Blender Review

Born Pretty Pro Bottle Gourd Sponge Flawless Foundation Beauty Makeup Powder Puff Blender review

What Company Claims:

Give you a flawless foundation application every single time.
No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.
Make up Blender Sponge , apply it like a Pro


USD $ 3.30 (got some discount )

Colors available:

Available in 5 cute shades

My Experience with this product:

Hi Everyone

If you remember i did a born pretty haul a while back click here to see the haul. Today i am reviewing another product from born pretty. Its a beauty sponge blender.

I wanted to buy the original beauty blender though ( i still want to ) but due to its limited availability i finally settled with this one from born pretty. I really won't call it a cheaper dupe of original beauty blender because it either does not have similar shape like the original. Actually its similar to sonia kashuk beauty sponge,they are exactly like this in shape.

Born pretty beauty sponge has a shape like ummm.. a curve given to a lotus leaf on the middle part. Pointed tip and wide round bottom with curve given in the mid that really helps with excellent grip. I have the one in pink color but you can choose your favorite color from the shades available. This sponge has multiple use,it can be used to apply foundation, powder and blush too. Also we can use it this way in the dry form and also can be used damp. The sponge is thick, dense and cushionlike that makes it bounce back when you apply foundation with this which results in evenly blended finish. You may notice in the pics, it has tiny pin size holes all over (like we have pores :P) that lets it soak water.

Personally i like to use it damp for an even and natural finish to  the foundation. I must say it really works great and blends foundation to perfection. This beauty sponge is meant for even & seamless application and blending let me tell you it does that pretty well.

To use damp, just keep it under running water for a minute or two and squeeze out the remaining water before use and there you have this soft and spongy sponge ready for use. But yes i don't see any change in size unlike the original beauty blender but then whats with the size here :p

The round bottom is perfect for application & blending of foundation on face and neck whereas the pointed tip is good enough to reach those hard to reach areas like corner of the nose, ear and also gives perfect blending on the delicate under eye area without any pressure.

I am so far really happy with this little wonder sponge. Its a grab for such amazing price and the result you see is just flawless.


1) Good quality.

2) Very affordable.

3) Available in various colors.

4) Provides good grip to the hands.

5) Gives face seamless finish.

6) Multiple use.


1) Available online only.

Verdict - Its a little wonder tool that blends foundation to perfection need i say more.. go grab it!!

Overall rate:


Have you tried this yet? Let me know in the comments box.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mid September Haul Part 2 - SHOES

Mid September Haul Part 2 - SHOES


Here i am with the second part of mid september haul and its a shoe haul :)

I love to wear pumps specially with high heels. I relate heels with power, weird i know but seriously i think that way and i love the sound of my heels when i walk hehe Femenity +Power = Killer combo my formula :p
ok enough now :D

Getting back to the topic...I shopped these three shoes recently.

First one you see is a purchase from Ritu Wears. These are elegant nude color high heel sandals with a zip closure on the back for fit and support. Ofcourse they are not very comfy for everyday wear but great pick for evening.

Second you see are more sort of a formal pair. This i bought from woodland showroom itself. I never have enough of blacks :) The heels are medium high and comfortable for office purpose.

and The last one is from Nell, it is a purchase from Are not they Hot :D

Thats it!Here end my haul's last part. Which one is your pick among these? Let me know.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mid September Haul Part 1 - Beauty

Mid September Haul Part 1 - Beauty

Hi Girls

Its haul time again!
I shopped few stuff some makeup & beauty and some other so  i am dividing this into two different parts. This one is for beauty products i got.

Lets see what they are :

1) Rimmel London Stay matte powder in shade Amber

2) Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

3)  Maybelline Colorama in Bale Classico

4) Maybelline Colorama in Brillo

5) Maybelline Bold Matte MAT4

6) Lotus White glow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam

7) Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power Cleanser

and i also got this cute pearl earring in oxidized silver finish from BP market :)

So that is it for part 1 of mid september haul. Let me know how you fing this mini haul :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vlcc Anti tan skin lightening face wash review

Vlcc Anti tan skin lightening face wash review

What company claims:

Washes away impurities & tan. suitable for all skin types.

Key ingredients:

Mulberry extract, Kiwi fruit extract, vitamin c, honey, allantoin, decyl glucose

Shelf life:

36 months

Net weight:

50 g

My experience-

The product has yellow-white tube packaging with a flip open cap. The packaging is easy to use and travel friendly.

The formulation is liquid creme like neither too runny nor too thick with tiny little exfoliating particles that helps to clear out all the impurities from skin, giving clear bright skin. Due to the exfoliating particles, it feels slight grainy while washing face. but yes the exfoliation is very gentle, still i do not prefer using an exfoliating face wash more than once a day.
I have dry sensitive skin and i have to say, it never dries out my skin or cause any sort of itching. I recommend using it once a day.

Coming to its claims of cleaning impurities and tan, Ofcourse it clears impurities very well and gives a noticeable clear fresh face but tan!! Obviously you can't get rid of tan just by using a face wash but yes it does brighten face. I am using the complete range - Face wash, Scrub & Face pack to see the exact results.

I highly recommend to use this face wash along with the face scrub from this range, if you want to get rid of tan specifically. Soon i will be reviewing their scrub and face pack too.


1) Exfoliating face wash.
2) Good packaging.
3) Mild fragrance.
4) Thoroughly cleanse pores leaving fresh tingling skin.
5) Packed with goodness of vit. c, honey & mulberry.
6) Suitable for all skin types.


1) Too many times of daily use may dry out skin.

Overall rate:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NYX Bronzer BB02 Daydream of Oahu Review

NYX Bronzer BB02 Daydream of Oahu Review

Company Claims: 

Get a gorgeous shimmering tan with Nyx body bronzer. Step out of your house like you just came back from a tropical vacation!

Price & Quantity:

800/-INR for 10g


Shelf life:

My experience with this product:

This bronzer from NYX comes in a round bronzy finish compact casing with shade name, number & other details on the bottom of the case.The packaging is real cute and handy, has a push button to open the case. Specially i like the creative names they have given to each shade.Inside you see a powder puff with nyx branding and then there is a flip to open lid given to avoid any mess. Also there is a mirror on the back of lid.

BB02 Daydream of Oahu bronzer almost looks matte and gives satin matte mix finish which looks really beautiful either on body or on face. The powder is very fine quality and so smooth to touch.It does not fall out here and there either.

BB02 shade is a medium brown shade that almost looks matte  but once applied, it gives gorgeous satin matte finish with some gold undertones to it which helps to get that sun kissed glow that looks very natural. This shade is perfect for bronzing body and face. This can be used in multiple ways, one can use it as a bronzer and for shading & contouring purpose. I personally love using this shade for contouring and shading, as this gives really nice definition to my facial features without looking harsh. Just a perfect shade for a natural sun kissed glow and it looks really pretty in the natural light and i mean it.

Available in 4 different shades to choose from. This shade is particularly suitable for warm undertones.

1) Perfect for natural sun kissed look.

2) Multi-purpose.

3) Travel friendly and cute packaging.

4) Cruelty free/ Hypoallergic.

5) Smart pricing.

None :)

Overall rate:

Go get it, if you love sun kissed look. I love this product!!
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