Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Diwali Special Makeup : FOTD

Diwali Special Makeup : FOTD

Hi Everyone

So the festival of lights is so close everyone is busy shopping and decorating, i really wanted to film a video on this look but some how could not never the less i am sharing the pictures of the look i created for diwali. Its just a right balance of glitter and still sophisticated look, to balance it with the rather heavy outfit. If can be a good option not just for diwali but for any occasion or party and can be played up or down according to personal taste.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Color Wheel : Nail Art Of The Day!!

The Color Wheel : Nail Art Of The Day!!

Hello Girls

Hope everyone's having happy monday so far. Today i thought of posting a nail art again that currently i am wearing on my nails since saturday. So here are the pics, enjoy :

Let me now how you find this Nail Art on the comments section below.

Shipra (makeupmirrornme YouTube)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Hearts : Nail Art Of The Day!!

Little Hearts : Nail Art Of The Day!!

Hey Girlies

So again i am posting another nail art of the day, i know i have been posting a lot of nail arts this month haha crazy me. This is what i am wearing on my nails today :

This is such easy to draw girlie nail art and goes well with casual outfit or romantic date outfit. Let me know how you find this one in the comments section below.
Till i see you next time
Have fun
Shipra ( makeupmirrornme Youtube )

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Creme Review + Swatches

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Creme

Company Claims:

Helps reveal your perfect natural look. Has spf 30 pa++. Is specially designed for indian skin and helps give you
- instant natural glow on outside
- lightens skin and spots from inside
- evens skin out
- with Spf 30
- no pore clogging
- light non oily texture
Price & quantity:
125/-INR for 18 g ( also available in a smaller pack )


My experience with the product:

This has a blingy pink and silver cover but the tube is rather sleek and white and pink in color with a silver color screw cap. Branding, list of ingredients, net weight and other details are provided on the cover as well as on the tube. It has a very tiny mouth.

On the first look it seems like the quantity is very less but actually due to its whipped creme kind of texture and thick consistency (compared to other BB cremes) you only need a little amount for face and neck even lesser than the pea size.
There is just one shade available for which they claim it has color matching formula. Well i don't know about that but this shade matches well with my warm skin tone and looks really natural. This shade is basically yellow enough to match with warm undertones but what about those having peach or cool undertones. I am sure this is not going to work with peach and cool skin tone.

Till now i have used three BB cremes maybelline, garnier and this. This is my favorite among them as it matches my color, gives some coverage and also has spf 30. This BB has medium coverage so it can cover dark spots well enough, seeing this is just a BB creme though. But this really takes time to blend due to its thick consistencty but once bended feels really natural and light. I have been using this BB creme from last 3 months and this is my second tube. I noticed that even in hurry you just can't afford to miss your moisturiser before applying this else this could make your skin look dry and patchy somehow, specially if you have dry skin like me. I find this BB+ creme just perfect for a quick eventoned skin everyday without much efforts nad it last long too.


1- Gives good light to medium coverage.
2- Evenout skintone.
3- Cute packaging.
4- Does not clogs pore.
5- Has Spf 30++
6- Dermatologist tested.
7- Suitable for all skin types.
1- Just one shade is not enough and there is nothing on offer for cool undertones.
2- Takes time to blend.
3- Makes skin look dry if moisturizer is skipped.

Overall Rate: 


Verdict: Amazing coverage considering its a BB creme. Very much worth a try for warm/yellow skin.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Maybelline Color Show 008 Bold Gold

Maybelline Color Show 008 Bold Gold

Price & Quantity:

75/-INR for 6ml

Shelf life:

 36 months

Today i am showing my favorite shade 008 Bold Gold from maybelline recently launched color show range.

Starting with the packaging, this has a glass cylindrical shaped bottle with a plastic screw open cap in black color with a sticker mentioning its brand while on top shade number and name is provided.This is a cute little bottle containing 6 ml of the product. Now looking at the quantity they have given for 75/- indian rupee i must say its very affordable and not to forget the tons of shades to choose from.

The 008 Bold Gold is a pure gold color in satin- metal like finish. The color is just so glamorous and chic that i call it liquid gold. On my nails you can see how pretty the color is just pure gold, here i would like to mention that i am just wearing one single coat of the nail polish without any base and top coat. Looking at the intensity of the color with just single coat i am just amazed, no doubt on parameters of color, intensity and finish this will get 10/10 from me.

But there is one more parameter to check on a nail paint that is how long lasting it is? To test its lasting power i applied this shade without the base and top coat to test how it stays on its own. To my surprise i noticed it chipped a little on the second day itself which was of course not what i was expecting. so this shade is undoubtedly not long lasting but surely it will last a little longer with a base and top coat. But still considering the price, the color range, the finish and color intensity factor i can really overlook at its one con.

Overall Rate:


Verdict: Its like applying liquid gold, Love this color!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Classic Black Smokey Eyes and The Hot Pink Lips - FOTD

The Classic Black Smokey Eyes and The Hot Pink Lips - FOTD

Hey Girls

Today's post is a FOTD, here i am wearing intense black smokey eye makeup with hot pink lips. This winter intense black smokey eyes are going to be in trend again with bare face. With bare i mean a healthy luminous complexion. I completed the eye makeup with two coats of mascara and no falsies but its a personal choice. To make the look more intense and glamorous i completed this with hot pink on my lips, ofcourse hot pink is going to be the new red this winter. This classic black smokey eye look as good with the red and nude too as it is with the hot pink but again that's a personal choice.
Here's the pic :

Here is the list of products i used to achieve this make-up look:

1) Mufe color corrective base in 02.
2) Mufe face and body foundation.
3) Rimmel london lasting stay powder in 09 Amber.
4) Coastal scents prism palette.
5) Maybeline colossal kajal.
6) Lotus herbals opulence eye liner.
7) Rimmel extra super lash building mascara in 101 Black.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Currently Loving: Top Favorite Beauty & Makeup Products.

Currently Loving: Top Favorite Beauty & Makeup Products.

Hey Girls,

Today i am sharing with you all my list of current favorites makeup and beauty products that i m really loving.

1. Neutogena Original Wave Cleanser.

 2. Sally Hansen Hands and Cuticles Creme.

 3. Garnier Silky Straight 24/7 Serum

 4. Pond's White Beauty BB+ Creme

 5. Maybelline Bold Matte MAT4

 6. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme in Sheer Pink

So these are my current favorite list and what are yours? Let me know in the comments section below.
Have a lovely day ahead!!
Much love
Shipra (makeupmirrornme)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nail Art of The Day : Turquoise on Pale Pink!!

Hey Everyone,

So in my last post i mentioned about the nailart i did on Boujois rose laque nail paint during its 7 day hold test to change the look without changing the nail paint. I just draw fine design on one side of each nail freehand with a turquoise nail paint. Also every nail has different design but still they are symetrical. Here are the pictures:

Let me know how you find in the comments section below.
Thank you so much for all the love and support!
Stay Blessed!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bourjois So Laque! Nail Enamel in 13 Rose Lounge

Bourjois So Laque! Nail Enamel in 13 Rose Lounge

Company Claims:

Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Varnish gives as much vinyl for shine, lasting upto 7 days. The brush is thin and precise giving ultra shine and hold for upto 7 days.
The formula is enriched with vinyl and a complex of highly reflective resins for ultra shiny nails with a long-lasting hold. The fixing agent in the formula keeps your nails supple,  shiny and highly resistant for up to 7 days hold.

Price & Quantity:

350/-INR for 10 ml.

Shelf Life:

3 year
Made in France

Hi Girls

Today i am showing you Rose Lounge 13 shade from Bourjois So Laque range. It a soft pale pink color like rose quartz. I have to say its a very classy shade giving nails a beautiful sophistication.  The bottle looks quite classy too and have enough quantity of polish.

The formulation is liquid-y but not runny which dries fast and gives a sheer wash of color with one coat.  Here i have applied 3 coats to make it appear a little opaque but this looks good sheer too giving nails a pretty glossy shine and a hint of natural pink. 

The brush is medium sized and good quality. Now coming to its 7 days lasting claims,  i am wearing this from 5 days and there is no chipped out edges at all and the shine is exactly as good as it was before. But you know me.. i really get bored with one color but still wanted to check on its 7 day hold claim so could not remove it either. so i finally i did a nail art on this :) will show that in next post.

Overall i am very impressed with this nail paint be it color, finish or lasting stay. 

Overall Rate: 

5/5 Yay!!

Final Verdict:

Highly recommended. Love this shade.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Make Up Forever Professional Corrective Make-up Base in 02 Review & Swatches

Make Up Forever Professional Corrective Make-up Base in 02 Review & Swatches

Price & Quantity:

1350/- INR for 30 ml


Made in France

Shelf Life:

3 year

My experience with this product:

The packaging is sleek black & lavender plastic tube in a usual black cover like any other MUFE product. The shade, branding and list of ingredients is mentioned on the cover. This has a screw cap and pin size opening on mouth that makes sure not too much product spills out of tube. Overall the packaging is quite nice in every way.

This is basically a color correcting primer, so yes it is a two in one sort of product that color corrects as well as primes. The smell is very distinct that even after a long time of use i still can't figure out what it is or whether i like it or dislike it. Weird i know :) The primer consistency is somewhere between liquid and creme that takes time to blend in. The color is grey-ish lavender which is meant to color correct dull/ shallow skin or area.

Thou it takes time to blend but once blended it gives my skin dewy finish which i just love and ofcourse helps the foundation stay put for longer. Because this one is a color correcting primer so i have to mention how it does that too.. well well well ladies it color corrects skin so good, instantly boosting radiant looking complexion. But yes this needs to be blended really well and given a minute to settle before applying foundation. It is best suitable for dry skin. Even normal or combination sin may also find this nice but i would not recommend this to oily skin as i mentioned earlier it has dewy finish.


1) Sleek and travel friendly pack.
2) Color corrects shallow skin/ area.
3) Gives Dewy finish.
4) Fulfills dual purpose.
5) Helps make up stay put.
6) Has SPF 18.
7) Dermatologist tested.


1) Not suitable for oily skin.
2) Look chalky if applied without moisturizing.
3) Takes time to blend.

Overall rate:



A good dual purpose primer worth every penny.
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