Thursday, September 26, 2013

Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power Cleanser Review

Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power Cleanser  Review

What company claims:

Cleans 10x deeper than regular cleansing.
Neutrogena wave is a one of a kind gentle vibrating cleanser thats going to shake up the way you wash your face.
After just one use, your skin feels remarkably fresher and smoother.


799/- INR

Pack Includes:

Power cleanser, Attachment head, 1 battery and 14 ceansing pads.

How it works:

Gentle vibrations cleans 10x deeper to remove more dirt, oil and makeup. Smoothe away dead skin cells for softer,smoother skin in just one use.

How to use:

1- Attach one disposable pad to the attachment head.
2- Hold wave under running water to activate cleansing pad.
3- Turn it on and massage gently over face avoiding eye area.
4- Once done,rinse thoroughly and dispose of pad.

My experience with the product:

If you have checked out my latest haul, you might know i bought this cute baby few days back. Some of you wanted me to do a review about this. So here is an early review from the experience of 10 days use.

Starting with the packaging first of all, it comes in this pink and white box with with a plastic case inside that carries the device, battery and pads safely.

Coming to the power cleanser,other than its cute little good looks i also love how they have named it WAVE. It says "wave hello to softer skin".
Wave cleanser is actually very small in size that it fits perfectly into the palms and the curve shape given, helps with the maximum control. It has a opening on one side. Once opened you see this space for battery. Inside the cap there is also this black rubber ring given(like we have in pressure cooker) that i guess helps stop water going in, making this water resistant.

On the other side, there is a power button to turn it on and off. Also i really liked the texture given on the pink portions, it is rubber like that again gives excellent grip to the hands to hold the device with ease. Its has very light weight and so easy to work with.
Coming to the product's claim of 10x deeper cleansing, lets see how it faired-

Firstly let me tell you i really don't have any issues with my skin. I never had any break out in my life but have a few open pores and my skin is really sensitive that it turns red if i use anything harsh. I didn't had too many expectations from its claims but to my surprise, just with one time use i got such thoroughly cleansed and smooth skin. I never thought my skin could get any more softer than it was. But this baby did magic in one use only. I got skin soft and smooth like a dream. Yeah baby i mean it. Now after 10 days of use, i can see this glow on my skin that comes only when your pores are perfectly clean.

Though the company claims this is gentle enough for daily use but i really don't use it daily, instead i prefer to use this 3 times a week. Another thing i noticed is that no time guidance is given on the packaging about how long to use it at a time. I prefer to use this for 1 minute.

They give you 14 disposable pads with this but the bad thing is you can't use them more than once. So its like a monthly expense to buy refill pads that cost 299/- or 399/- not sure. But other than that its a great product to include in the skincare.

1) Dermatologist tested

2) Cute and handy enough for ease of use.

3) Excellent grip.

4) Water resistant for use in shower.

5) Cleansed skin 10x deeper actually.


1) You have to purchase refill pads monthly to use it.

2) Instruction not provided on how many minutes to use this.

Verdict: Wave hello to softer skin! Surely.

Overall verdict:
See you next time..

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