Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Stylo in Shade D33 Review

Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Stylo in Shade D33 Review | Indian Makeup Blog

What company claims :

Flormar's Deluxe Stylo lipstick is the best tool for a shiny and glamorous pout. It's super formula enriched with the much acclaimed Argan oil, Vitamin E, Omega 6 and cacao butter - makes it ultra-hydrating and nourishing while the colour really makes a statement.

Price & Quantity:

799/-INR FOR 3g

Shelf life :

5 yr

Made in Turkey

My Experience with this Product:

I got this pretty peachy coral pink lip shade from flormar in my vellvette june box. I am so obsessed with this that i keep on grabbing it every now & then to pamper my lips. Read on to know what makes me love this lipstick so much.

This has nice handy matte black casing with branding engraved in white & pink. on the bottom shade number is given. Overall its a good easy to carry along packaging.

Twist to open it up and there you see this gorgeous peachy pink color named D33. Lightly fragranced and smells awesome( I know me saying something like that is weird :p) but this is different, soft, nice and feminine. So an exception this time, i really don't remember when i prefered fragranced makeup product last time never i guess :). Super cremey texture and so smooth that it glides like satin on the lips, giving a sheer coverage with on sweep that looks more like a tinted balm. Sweep this twice more and now you see it more like a lipstick with medium coverage. Not to forget that buttery feel that makes lips so soft and smooth like a spa for the lips. Though it would not cover any pigmentation that well but to apply this on lips is like a short pampering session in itselfas it has the goodness of argan oil. So what you get is a super sexy juicy lips that looks and feels smooth, healthy, hydrated & glamorous.

D33 is just a super awesome shade for whatever the occasion is, as this one is a very pretty soft pink( slight peachy). With three swipes it turns more like a fresh bright pink color( but not over the top) that brightens up the face instantly.

Now the one thing it lacks in.. Long Lasting stay. This lipstick gets wiped off completely when you eat, drink and so. Also i notice it leaves behind kisses marks on everything that touches your lips ( If that makes sense ;p ). A touch up is needed every now & then. But i still love it fot the way it makes my lips feel.


1) Easy to carry along packaging.

2) Feels like a spa session for lips.

3) Gives super soft, kissable juicy lips.

4) Gorgeous shade.

5) Mild feminine fragrance.


1) Does not stay long.

2) Wipes off so easily.

3) Not easily available.

Overall Rate :

Verdict: Gives me super soft, juicy lips. I love it just wish if this could stay put.

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