Monday, August 26, 2013

FOTD : Mermaid Inspired Party Makeup

FOTD : Mermaid Inspired Party Makeup

Hi Girlies

Today's post is an FOTD, i love oceanic shades very much. So decided to create a mermaid inspired party look. you can watch the tutorial here on my youtube channel ( please subscribe to support my channel as most of you by now know am more of a youtuber :p ).

Here's the link :

Now the pics:

and  now the list of products i used for this look.

List of products used :

Face :

1) MUFE corrective make-up base.

2) Loreal infalliable foundation.

3) Nyx cream blush Glow.

4) Nyx HD photogenic concealer.

5) Maybelline new instant age rewind concealer.

6) Kryolan Translucent powder.

Eyes :

1) Kryolan Professional quality eyelashes TV3.

2) ColorBar I- glide pencil in coal mine.

3) Bonjour eyepencil no 119.

4) Lotus opulence eye liner in black.

5) Rimmel Lash building mascara.

6) Lasplash impermeable mascara in Abyss.

7) Vega eyelash curler.

8) Nyx glitter cream palette Ocean Breeze.

9) Coastal scents 88 Prism palette.

Lips :

1) Flormar Deluxe shine gloss stylo D33.

2) ColorBar perfect gloss 010 Blossom.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting it means a lot to me. Do let me know if you have suggestions, requests just comment below.

Much love
Shipra ( makeupmirrornme)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Stylo in Shade D33 Review

Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Stylo in Shade D33 Review | Indian Makeup Blog

What company claims :

Flormar's Deluxe Stylo lipstick is the best tool for a shiny and glamorous pout. It's super formula enriched with the much acclaimed Argan oil, Vitamin E, Omega 6 and cacao butter - makes it ultra-hydrating and nourishing while the colour really makes a statement.

Price & Quantity:

799/-INR FOR 3g

Shelf life :

5 yr

Made in Turkey

My Experience with this Product:

I got this pretty peachy coral pink lip shade from flormar in my vellvette june box. I am so obsessed with this that i keep on grabbing it every now & then to pamper my lips. Read on to know what makes me love this lipstick so much.

This has nice handy matte black casing with branding engraved in white & pink. on the bottom shade number is given. Overall its a good easy to carry along packaging.

Twist to open it up and there you see this gorgeous peachy pink color named D33. Lightly fragranced and smells awesome( I know me saying something like that is weird :p) but this is different, soft, nice and feminine. So an exception this time, i really don't remember when i prefered fragranced makeup product last time never i guess :). Super cremey texture and so smooth that it glides like satin on the lips, giving a sheer coverage with on sweep that looks more like a tinted balm. Sweep this twice more and now you see it more like a lipstick with medium coverage. Not to forget that buttery feel that makes lips so soft and smooth like a spa for the lips. Though it would not cover any pigmentation that well but to apply this on lips is like a short pampering session in itselfas it has the goodness of argan oil. So what you get is a super sexy juicy lips that looks and feels smooth, healthy, hydrated & glamorous.

D33 is just a super awesome shade for whatever the occasion is, as this one is a very pretty soft pink( slight peachy). With three swipes it turns more like a fresh bright pink color( but not over the top) that brightens up the face instantly.

Now the one thing it lacks in.. Long Lasting stay. This lipstick gets wiped off completely when you eat, drink and so. Also i notice it leaves behind kisses marks on everything that touches your lips ( If that makes sense ;p ). A touch up is needed every now & then. But i still love it fot the way it makes my lips feel.


1) Easy to carry along packaging.

2) Feels like a spa session for lips.

3) Gives super soft, kissable juicy lips.

4) Gorgeous shade.

5) Mild feminine fragrance.


1) Does not stay long.

2) Wipes off so easily.

3) Not easily available.

Overall Rate :

Verdict: Gives me super soft, juicy lips. I love it just wish if this could stay put.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mid August Beauty Haul!

Mid August Beauty Haul!

Good morning Loves,

Hope everyone's having happy monday :) 

I did shopped a few makeup stuff and some hair products but this time there's not many things just the stuff that i really needed, so here we go:

Firstly Makeup stuff :

I got these two eyelashes from kryolan, i had them earlier too and really love them as they are very fine quality and looks amazing.
Price : 200/- each.

Next i got this underbase/ primer from Makeup forever in shade no 2.
Price : 1350/-

Third product is NYX Bronzer in shade BB02 Daydream of oahu'
Price: 800/- INR( got this for 720/- as there is some discount going on).

and finally i got these two lipcolors from IVOVI.  I never heard about this brand earlier but still went ahead and bought two shades as they have some really good shades and price wise too they were very affordable so thought to give a try. have you ever used this brand?

Price : 150/- INR

This one is in small size and is from constant moist range.
Price: 125/-INR.

Now Hair products:

I got this shampoo & conditioner from garnier, yes again changing my shampoo. I really hate this mix of monsoon and moisture season :( it tolls my hair with hair fall so from few months i am constantly changing & try new stuff to find something best for this season.

Also got this serum from Garnier silky srtaight range..
Price: 199/-

I am really not into these instant fairness stuff :) but then i got this for free with the shampoo so ofcourse i will be trying it.

Thats it! Do let me know how you find this mini haul :) or if you have any review requests.

Thanks for reading,
Have a lovely day ahead

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nyx Glitter Cream Palette in GCP II Ocean Breeze Review

Nyx Glitter Cream Palette in GCP II Ocean Breeze Review

What company claims : 

NYX Glitter Cream Palette is a Multipurpose gel-based glitter combination in a pallet. NYX Glitter Cream Palette comes with 5 shades of glitter, 2 applicators with 3 sponge tips and 1 brush tip. Apply to eyes, lips and face - anywhere you want that sparkling effect! 

Price & Quantity:

650/- INR for 10g.


My Experience with the product:

I bought this glitter cream palette a while back( approx. 1 year back) tempted with these sexy glitter in oceanic hues. Here's what i have to say -


This one is a very sleek looking, rectangular palette with a 3/4th see through cap that opens towards the top side. Inside it has five very gorgeous colors with a transparent lid over them and two double sided little applicators( that generally comes with every palette).


The shades look very pigmented makes me tempted enough to try. All the colors are based on oceanic theme as the name suggest  and pretty gorgeous.

I bought this as i love all the shades in this palette and obviously for the glitter love and above that its a cream glitter palette, assuming there will be no fallout.

They are all pretty shades but to my surprise, i find they are really not that easy to apply or sometimes a mess. As i mentioned, glitter are cream based and to my surprise they are more slippery than creamy. So if you want full glitter loaded eyes, you better don't use your finger for this( I personally love to apply creamy shadows with my fingers) because all the glitter you see is left on your finger and slippery mess on the eye and more you try it, more you mess it. Though if you wish to have just a hint of glitter on eyes than its fine to work with finger.
see the difference in the pic below( first swatch i did with sponge applicator & second with finger).

so, How to apply?

No eyeshadow brush will either be useful with them but to my surprise what really works with them are these little applicators( that i generally call useless) but still have patience while working with them ane apply with feather light hands, else everything will slip just towards direction you are sweeping the applicator.


I have to say every shade in this palette is nothing less than super sexy and gorgeous, letting you create soft to dramatic glittery eyes.


Finally coming to the price stuff, the palette is priced for 650/-. I bought this from closed) at some discount. Its rightly priced for such sexy palette, no issues with that but than that slippery application makes me hate it sometimes.


1) Super gorgeous shades.

2) Sleek & travel friendly packaging.

3) Cream based no fall outs.

4) Cruelty free/ hypoallergic.

5) Perfect for creating sexy eye looks.


1) Slippery to touch.

2) Not easy application really.

3) Takes patience to create glitter loaded eyes.

Verdict: OWN IT! if you have this lovey dovey thing for glitters.

Overall rate:


see you all next time..
Good night

Friday, August 9, 2013

Eid Special Makeup : Exotic Emerald Eyes & Nude Lips- FOTD

Hi Loves,

With the end of auspicious month of ramadan, comes the time for celebrations. Yesterday i filmed an "Eid special makeup turorial : Exotic Emerald eyes & Nude lips". check it out here:
Eid Special Makeup Tutorial: Exotic Emerald Eyes & Nude Lips | Makeupmirrornme

Here are a few pictures from the look i created yesterday, hope you all like it. Eid Mubarak :

Products used:

Have a great day ahead!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bling Nail Appliques in Leopard Print - NOTD

Bling Nail Appliques in Leopard Print - NOTD

Hi gals

Happy sunday & happy friendship day!! Hope everyone's having good time. I clicked a few pics while trying this nail appliques from Bling that i got in my july vellvette box.

hope you all like this, What nail art design you got? do share..

Have a rocking weekend 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tvam Scrub & Body Polisher apricot & walnut review

Tvam Scrub & Body Polisher apricot & walnut review

What company complains :

TVAM Apricot & Walnut Face Scrub Body Polisher enhances the skin tone and smoothness, it will stimulate fresh cell growth that will help keep the skin radiant and revitalised. You can now say goodbye to blackheads and unclogs pores

Price & Quantity :

988/- for 100g

Shelf life : 

3 yr.

My experience with this product:

I got this product in my june vellvette box in 30gm small size ( its also available in 100 gm pack as well). After a month long use,here is what i have got to say about this:

Packaging - 

This comes in a transparent plastic jar with a screw type cap that has the branding, product name and quantity mentioned on it.

On the back side, it has a list of ingredients, manufacturing & expiry date and also has a plastid lid cover inside( that i have lost). Overall packaging is average, i still would prefer tube over a jar.

Product -

Once open, first thing that grabs attention is the scent. This is highly scented with a aqua fragrance. Though i generally do not prefer fragrance in products but i love aqua, lemony fragrance specially in bath products as they tend to relax senses and make me indulge & enjoy more.

Its a thick creamy product with walnut & apricot grainy exfoliating extracts that are well known for their exfoliating properties. as i said its grainy like any other walnut & apricot scrub so exfoliates really well. What is more good is the thick creme that tends to massage while exfoliating.

I prefer to use this body scrub randomly at one day gap on my body,so its 3-4 days a week. As its quite thick and creamy, too much of the product is not needed. Once after the bath, it gives that completely clean skin without dryness and the scent lingers on for a while.. making you smell delicious ;p

Pros :

1) Has skin nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, almond oil.

2) Has relaxing fragrance.

3) Apricot & walnut helps to exfoliate well.

4) Is quite creamy.

Cons :

1) This kind of packaging has hygiene issue.

2) Pricey for a apricot scrub.

Verdict - worth a try!

Overall Rate :

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