Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RIMMEL LONDON lasting finish lipstick in shade 240 Undressed REVIEW + swatches

RIMMEL LONDON lasting finish lipstick in shade 240 Undressed REVIEW + swatches

so here are the swatches of the second lipstick from rimmel ( as promised). to read the earlier post click here

what company claims :

High colour impact for up to 8 hours wear. Colour that turns heads ! Intense long lasting colour up to 8 hours +25% colour impact ! Smooth creamy texture for comfortable wear all day long

Price and quantity :

 215/- INR for 4 gm.

here is My take on Rimmel lasting finish undressed 240

now this one, is a nude shade with warm undertones so i think it would suit anyone with yellow undertones.

it suits me well, but many times ladies complaint about how a nude color washes them out. the trick is with the intensity of the color, my suggestion would be, to start by just patting it on the lips and keep layering according to how intense you want the pigment to be :)

the color is nicely pigmented, creamy in texture.but it goes off with every sip, food eaten and kiss :) . so touch up is needed for sure that means this color also does not last as long as the company claim.

But it stays nicely upto 3 hr.s


1) Great intense color with just one sweep.

2) Does not dry lips.

3) Value for money.

4) another must grab for nude lips lovers

5) color intesity is similar to the earlier lipstick that i swatched review here. good intense color.


1) It has a weird smell thats not nice for sure( bit i can ignore this as it goes in a while).

2) Goes off with every bite you eat, retouch needed every now and then.

3) unlikely their claim, it not lasting

so thats the second  and last lipstick from my rimmel purchase. hope you find the review helpful. do letme know any other shade you love from rimmel.

good luck

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Dead sea mud pack Anti stress

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Dead sea mud pack Anti stress review

company claims : 

For normal, oily and T- zone skin to ultra deep pore cleanse.

Price and quantity :

150/- inr for 20 gm pack.

Key Ingredients : 

Aqua, kaolin, alcohol denat, sodium citrate, polysorbate 20, seaweed extract, lavender oil, bergamot fruit oil, dead sea salt, glucose, fragnance, citric acid

The word dead sea fascinates me... someday for sure i will go float and pamper myself hmmm till then i am always searching with beauty packs and products having dead sea salt and clay in them.
so here is one such product :) i am reviewing today.

this is a ready to use face pack that comes in a sachet packaging. with details about skin types it suits and other things.

Now the one i got is an anti stress one that claims to have dead sea mud and salt as its main ingredients. Dead sea mud is well known for its medicinal and healing properties as it draws out impurities and opens
blocked pores.

this is minty blue in color and has clear aqua fragnance( that i personally find very soothing). right after its application, within a few seconds it gives a cooling sensation on face( and little tingling also asusual with any face pack ).

this takes 10- 15 minutes to dry completely and lavender oil in it lets you relax calmingly.

after wash i can feel my skin tightens, very supple and deep cleansed and the glow it leaves...


1) Leaves skin deeply cleansed and relaxed.

2) Has a nice refreshing aqua fragnance.

3) packed with goodness of bergamot and lavender oil.

4) skin instantly feels tighten and supple.

5) nice for quick skin pampering.


1) Some may find it pricey for a 20 gm pack ( but letme tell you it lasts for upto 3 times usage).

2) I think it should have a little cap to open and close the sachet, that would help left product from drying out.

VERDICT : worth a try!!!


i am gonna try a few more packs from their range :). hope you girlies find this post helpful, have a lovely day!!!

lots of luck

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in SOFT PLUM 40

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in SOFT PLUM 40 review + swatches

company claims : 

• Air-whipped mousse blush feels satin-soft on skin, glides on smoothly, and blends easily for seamless color and a natural finish
• Long-wearing formula provides luminous, long-lasting color on cheeks without clogging pores

price and quantity :

205 INR/- for 5.75 gm.

Shelflife : 3years

my Experience with the product

I got this in shade 40 soft plum, which actually is a muted pink color. decently pigmented and buildable, so best way to apply would be to start with little, blend and in case you need more color, add a little more ;)

As the name tells, it has a mousse texture that blends easily or say effortlessly. gives lovely flush to cheeks that looks natural thanks to its mousse texture

also it stays longer. also sometimes i like to layer it under my powder blush to make powder blush last.

this shade is a lovely muted pink that gives my cheeks very pretty natural blush kind of look. but as i said its pink but more on a muted side. so i think it will look nice on medium to fair skin skinned people.

I noticed it has some tiny shimmer particles in this but still does not look shimmery on cheeks. its a decent sophisticated shade for daytime and also perfect for office.

comes in a cute little glass jar with a pink color plastic cap.

Pros :

1) easy to blend mousse texture.

2) stays long

3) good for layering under powder blush

4) it is buildable

5) perfect shade to wear during day or for office.

6) looks natural and decent flush color

Cons :

1) wont be visible on darker skin tones.

Verdict : 

good in terms of color, quantity and quality.

I recommend to try one.

Have you used any of its other shade? do letme know your experience.. i love to hear from you all

overall rate : 3.5/5

Thursday, April 25, 2013

MY vellvette box for April month

MY vellvette box for April month

hi girls

Yesterday i got my very first vellvette box, can't tell you how excited i was when i opened it. i am super happy!!!
so here's the pics of all the samples i got...

But before that, for those who are unaware about what vellvette is and its concept? here is a little detail first :

Vellvette – the birth of beauty in a never-before seen format. As a Vellvette subscriber, you can buy a paid subscription to our monthly beauty box that caters to your personalized beauty regime. Every month you will receive 3 luxury beauty and cosmetics product samples that will be specially customized to your beauty needs. Once you like a product, you can get fabulous discounts by purchasing the full sized products at Vellvette.com

for futher information click here

Also i filmed an unboxing video, to watch click here
okay now here are the pics :

the very thing in the box was a letter to me with a list of what i have in my box.

I got four products :

1) Red and green tea sunscreen lotion from the nature's co

2) Figs and rouge aloe and mint balm

3) Lush aqua marina cleanser

4) Motives mardi gras palette.

 Red and green tea sunscreen lotion sample size from the nature's co

                                        Figs and rouge aloe and mint balm

                                         Lush aqua marina cleanser sample size

                              Motives mardi gras palette

Also there are a few discount voucher, in case if i want to purchase any of this in full size.

and a few more cards describing about each of the product sample and instruction on how to use

thats all what i got i my april vellvette box and must say i am quite impressed with this . already thinking to order coming month box ;)

what all you gals got in your boxes, do let me know

see you soon

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial kit

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial kit Review

Company claim : 

For blemish free fairer complexion. this unique kit lightens blemishes, minimizes enlarged pores and fades superficial pigmentation.
also provides even skintone and fairer complexion.

net content :

100gm for 195 1+1 free

Kit Includes :

Vlcc papaya seed scrub - 10gm * 2

cucumber gel           - 10gm * 2

peach massage cream    - 10gm * 2

orange anti tan pack   - 10gm * 2

green apple skin guard - 10gm * 2

Shelf life : 3 yr.

My experience with this kit :

In the begining of the 2013, with many resolutions my one resolution was to really care for my skin to make it more flawless :).
but with time gone, many resolutions are gone too.. but this one is one of the few am still keeping up with.so further continuing with my resolution i bought this facial kit.
though i have tried this facial a couple of times in saloon, but then what can be better than pampering yourself at the comfort of home :)

I also have a video demonstration of this facial click here to watch.

okay  basically it is a 5 step facial :

1) Papaya seed scrub :

this scrub has papain and papaya seeds that helps to remove dead skin cells and pigmentation.

it is a white grainy powder with papaya seeds and walnut grains.

once paste is made it almost feels like rubbing sand on face, but it is really indulging and gentle.

2) Cucumber gel :

this has cucumber, watermelon and aloe vera extract that in clearing blemishes, have cooling and healing properties.

it has this nice golden yellow color.

apply allover face and neck and let it stay for 20 minutes and wipe off.

it instantly delivers glow and made my skin supple babylike.

3)  Peach massage cream :

now this one is alike any usual massage cream thick, creamy.

white in color has peach extract and richness of cocoa butter.( cocoa is known for its deep conditioning and moisturising properties whereas peach are high in vitamin A & C).
but i noticed, in its key ingredients silicon blend is mentioned( now i m scared :0 )

but surely it makes skin brighter. till now i have used this facial twice and i can say it is working, because i can see my skin glowing and brighter slightly( no complements yet ;p)

4) Anti tan pack :

i loveee its smell yummy... somehow smells like glucon C. white color paste does exactly what a normal face pack does, imparts a nice healthy glow once washed off.

5) Green apple skin guard lotion :

this lotion is to be applied once done with your facial, to retain the moisture and suppleness.

as the name tells, it has green apple extract and also smells delicious like green apple( i soooo love this lotion <3).

it is nice nourising, completely absorbed by skin.

no oiliness or dryness just fresh soft skin( wonder if it is available otherwise, i mean in a bottle or something).


1) Perfect kit for at home facials.

2) Good quality at best prices.

3) Pampers skin making it soft supple and brighter.

4) one sachet last upto two facials( that means one can do 4 facials with this kit). MONEY SAVER!!!

5) Brightens, evensout and gives glow to skin.


1) Just one that its peach cream has Silicon :(


Decent kit for at home skin indulgence, definetly brightens and makes skin glow( cant say about pigmentation now as i need to continue its use for that because everything takes times no magic).

Overall rating :


would i buy again?

yes, because its nice and also want to see its results on long run.

hope you gals find this post helpful! do letme know what you have to say about this kit or if any other kit that good enough :)

lots of goodluck


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RIMMEL LONDON lasting finish lipstick in shade 170 ALARM

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick shade 170 Alarm Review, Pictures & Swatch | Indian Makeup Blog

If you have checked out my last haul post, you might know that i bought two Rimmel lipsticks from their lasting finish range. as promised here i am, with review and swatches.

what company claims :

High colour impact for up to 8 hours wear. Colour that turns heads ! Intense long lasting colour up to 8 hours +25% colour impact ! Smooth creamy texture for comfortable wear all day long

Price and quantity :

 215/- INR for 4 gm.

shades availables : 18

Shelf life : 

on this pack manufacturing date is not mentioned but it is written best before nov 2015

here is my experience with the product :

It comes in this satin finished plastic twistie with a silver band on center mentioning brand name and also has logo on the tip of the cap.

at the bottom shade name and number is clearly mentioned.

the quantity is just enough to last for many coming months. also because this particular shade is very pigmented( dunno about others) so just one coat is enough for decent coloring.

i really can give this shade 10 on 10 for its pigmentation but than it has a certain weird smell which goes off in a few minutes.

smooth in texture, glides easily on the lips.

gives lips moisturized feel and does not dry out at all.

Its a bright red lipstick with sort of orangy undertones ( so this one is going to suit those with yellow /golden undertones pretty well).
I still does not have a scarlet red color but nonetheless  i love this shade it looks fab on me.

okay now lets talk how long lasting it is?

it stays nicely for some 4 hrs.( without drinking and eating anything ;p ). but goes off little by little with every sip i drink or every bite i eat. so, retouch is needed though it doesnot go off completely, as alarm is a very pigmented red color.


1) Great intense color with just one sweep.

2) Does not dry lips.

3) Value for money.

4) Beautiful shade of red for people with yellow/golden undertones.

5) I love this shade for its color intensity and quality.


1) It has a weird smell thats not nice for sure( bit i can ignore this as it goes in a while).

2) Goes off with every bite you eat, retouch needed every now and then.

3) unlikely their claim, it not lasting.


A decent lipstick with great color pigments and quantity at such amazing prices. I am surely buying a few more shades from this range.


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