Sunday, April 22, 2012



vega is known for making good professional quality brushes. They are majorly famous for their makeup brushes, which are availables in two range :-
  1. regular
  2. professional

Today letz talk about their regular range.
Vega regular range includes good quality synthetic brushes which are good for everyone either beginner or expert. Also for someone whose stocking up brushes for their makeup collection.
Good thing is :-
.They are inexpensive, doesnot burn a whole in pocket.
.good quality synthetic brushes.
.vast variety of brushes.
Alright i'll show you how many of them i have. Also will tell + & - (if any) about each of them.

  1. Vega foundation brush -

    - its a thick flat brush which is slight round at tip that makes it reach at the corners of the face like corner of nose.
  • - it has got stiff synthetic bristles and also it is dense, so when you apply foundation with this,
  • the liquid remains on the tip resulting in less consumption of foundation.
  • - also the bristles feel really soft on skin.
  • - overall a good brush for spreading and also blending foundation.
  • - made up of wood that really gives you that grip.
    MRP : - Rs 199/-
  • 2.Pan cake brush -

  • - this is basically a concealer brush. It has got long feather soft bristles which are synthetic and black in color.
  • - slim, round at the tip for reaching the tiniest corner.
  • - it has got extra long hairs that makes it perfect for applying concealer on eye, as it delivers the perfect coverage without giving pressure on the delicate eye area.
  • MRP: RS 70/-
  • 3. Fan brush -

  • - very cute looking brush, its basic function as obvious is to clear out any fall out.
  • More depends on how one wants to use it.
  • -synthetic bristles, slim and not dense, bristles are soft feels like feather on skin.
  • Really works well for what it is made for – targeting and instantly clearing any fallout from face.
  • MRP : RS 80/-
  • 4. Eyeshadow(m) – 

    this one is soft, medium dense synthetic brush. perfect for applying e/s.
  • MRP. Rs : 60/-
  • 5. Angular blender –

     angular shaped e/s brush.
  • Personally i find it very good for applying e/s on outer v corner.
  • - as it provides guidelines so also very good for blending work at the outer crease.
  • - can be used for smudging as well.
  • - perfect for applying thick cat eye liner.
  • MRP. Rs : 70/-
  • 6. Eye groomer –

     it has got two brushes in one. In this you get a fine little comb to comb and seperate your lashes hair. Also it has a brush to shape eyebrows or merge eyebrow color.
  • MRP. Rs : 60/-
  • 7. Lip filler –

     this one is a flat brush with a pointed tip/ pencil shape.
  • - good for shaping lips.
  • - good for filling and blending color, multi functional.
  • - works great as a pencil smudger as well.
  • MRP Rs. 60/-
    overall rating : ****/5
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