Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kryolan ultra setting spray review

Kryolan ultra setting spray review

What Company claims:

Light makeup fixing spray. Seals makeup with a protective ultra fine translucent coating.

Price & quantity:

600/-INR for 50ml

Art no. 9291

My experience with this product:

First of all let me start with what are fixing sprays? For those who are not aware,Fixing sprays as they sound are used after once the makeup is done to set it up so that it remains intact as it is without any touch up.
Yaa it makes your makeup stay longer and fresh as it is just applied.

 To apply this, i like to spray it on my face once i m done with my makeup from a distance of half of a hand.Also it is very important to shake the bottle well before spraying the liquid . This really seals my makeup with a nice silky coating which also provides me with that expensive glowing skin finish.And i really love it.It feels so light on the skin giving beautiful silk finish when applied evenly.
Just apply a thin fine coating evenly and you are sorted. Don't spray it too much otherwise it will appear as a patch of peeled skin.


kryolan ultra setting spray should always be applied with atleast a distance that of a half of a hand.
Keep eyes closed when spraying it.
Shake the bottle well before using it.


1. Makes makeup stay intact.
2. Extends lasting stay of makeup.
3. Gives beautiful expensive looking skin.
4. Gives silk like finish.
5. Feels light weight.


1. A liitle too much will make skin patchy looking.

Overall rating:


Verdict: A very good and budget friendly product that can be given a try, if you are looking for some affordable make up setting spray with amazing quality!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Revlon Photo Ready foundation review and swatches

Revlon Photo Ready foundation  review and swatches

What company claim:

Perfected air brushed skin in any light.Complete coverage.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ELLE 18 eye sparklers in Gun Powder and Blue Blast review and swatches

ELLE 18 eye sparklers in Gun Powder and Blue Blast review and swatches

Price & weight:

85/-INR for 1.5 g each

My experience with these:

These jumbo size eye pencils/crayons from ELLE18 color bomb series are a must have in every girl kitty. REALLYYY. Comes in some great colors to choose from and are multi-functional can be used as eye shadow base, as eye pencil or can be applied just like a creme shadow.
These are creamy in texture that makes them glide smoothly. These crayons don't have sparkles actually but they give you that  satin like texture to instantly glam up your look.
I bought them in two colors and these are super gorgeous ones -
Gun Powder
Blue Blast
these are cool shades and herez the swatches of the two -

Pros :

1. inexpensive but good quality
2. creamy texture, easy to apply
3. multi functional
4. does not burn a hole in the pocket yesss
5. Easily available.
6. Cute girly design.



Where to buy :

available at all the drug stores/ beauty outlets
to shop online click here:-
do let me know if you find this review helpful.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jovees Regrowth & Revitalize ready to use Hair pack review

Jovees Regrowth & Revitalize ready to use Hair pack review


palasbeej, bhringraj, jatamansi, amla.

My experience with this product:

I was thinking about doing a review for this product lately. This is something that with the time has really helped me taking care of my long hair.
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