Wednesday, May 9, 2012



For all you nail paint lovers herez a colorful treat for you!!!

VOV FOREVER professinal nail polish offers some amazing colorful opaque colors. They are just perfect, if you want to simply paint your nail or get creative with nail arts or just wanna go wilddd with colors!!

they have a lot to offer in colors. Isn't what summer is all about – GO PLAYFUL WITH COLORS!!!!

i have them in some pretty cool shades, here we go :

13 – bright yellow

15 – turquoise

24 – dark yellow

30 – bottle green

also let me tell you that nail paints they offer have shade code no. only (no name) , its just that i am telling you what color it is exactly.

Here are the swatches :





also price is just RS. 40/- for each bottle.
Quantity or nt. Wgt. Is not mentioned on it.

  • overall it is a good nail paint collection .
  • Does not go off easily.
  • Available in some great bright hues.
  • At such reasonable price.
  • Whatelse one should ask more for...

overall rating : ****/5

have you tried any other of its shade (if yes) do letme know how it is....

see you next time

GLAMUP your EYES this summer!!!

GLAMUP your EYES this summer

summer is the time when everyone's sunny side comes to life. So this summer lets be little playful with colors from brights to pastels to muted but COLORS!!!
Try and play more colorful with eyes and everything else takes a back seat... so what one notices about you is a clean sheer complexion and lively playful eyes.
Here are some of my favorite must have eye color pencils make sure to have them in your kitty to glamup your look anytime -
melin 3in 1 eye pencil

023 aqua marine

Add this cool creamy dark green shade to give eyes cool glam look anytime.
Its a very inn shade this summer.

Product name Melin 3in 1 kajal / eyeliner pencil waterproof
shade code 023 Aqua marine.

Another very gorgeous shade thatz gonna rule this summer eyelook is peacock blue.


008 sky blue

Try this color from cameleon.

Shade code 008 sky blue.

Soft kohl kajal auto eyepencil.

This summer its about cooling off your summery look with one cool color combined with other summery shades and gal YOU WILL ROCK!!!
eye sparklers from elle 18

Try this sexy dark blue eye pencil on the low lashline and smudge to get that sultry smoky eye we all <3 .

blue blast

product name ELLE 18 eye sparklers
shade code blue blast.

melin 3in 1 eye pencil

Apply this creamy soft easy to glide brown eyepencil with a bright color e/s to get that bold yet sophisticated look at the same time!!!
002 chocolate


Product name melin 3in 1 eye pencil
shade code 003 chocolate.

gun powder

Get that sultry smoky eye in a sweep just by thickly lining your upper and low lash line with this beautiful gun powder shade after applying your fav. e/s and smudge and.. YOU ARE READY FOR SUMMERS!!


product name ELLE 18 eye sparklers
shade code gun powder.

See you soon next time.
Happy summers!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012



vega is known for making good professional quality brushes. They are majorly famous for their makeup brushes, which are availables in two range :-
  1. regular
  2. professional

Today letz talk about their regular range.
Vega regular range includes good quality synthetic brushes which are good for everyone either beginner or expert. Also for someone whose stocking up brushes for their makeup collection.
Good thing is :-
.They are inexpensive, doesnot burn a whole in pocket.
.good quality synthetic brushes.
.vast variety of brushes.
Alright i'll show you how many of them i have. Also will tell + & - (if any) about each of them.

  1. Vega foundation brush -

    - its a thick flat brush which is slight round at tip that makes it reach at the corners of the face like corner of nose.
  • - it has got stiff synthetic bristles and also it is dense, so when you apply foundation with this,
  • the liquid remains on the tip resulting in less consumption of foundation.
  • - also the bristles feel really soft on skin.
  • - overall a good brush for spreading and also blending foundation.
  • - made up of wood that really gives you that grip.
    MRP : - Rs 199/-
  • 2.Pan cake brush -

  • - this is basically a concealer brush. It has got long feather soft bristles which are synthetic and black in color.
  • - slim, round at the tip for reaching the tiniest corner.
  • - it has got extra long hairs that makes it perfect for applying concealer on eye, as it delivers the perfect coverage without giving pressure on the delicate eye area.
  • MRP: RS 70/-
  • 3. Fan brush -

  • - very cute looking brush, its basic function as obvious is to clear out any fall out.
  • More depends on how one wants to use it.
  • -synthetic bristles, slim and not dense, bristles are soft feels like feather on skin.
  • Really works well for what it is made for – targeting and instantly clearing any fallout from face.
  • MRP : RS 80/-
  • 4. Eyeshadow(m) – 

    this one is soft, medium dense synthetic brush. perfect for applying e/s.
  • MRP. Rs : 60/-
  • 5. Angular blender –

     angular shaped e/s brush.
  • Personally i find it very good for applying e/s on outer v corner.
  • - as it provides guidelines so also very good for blending work at the outer crease.
  • - can be used for smudging as well.
  • - perfect for applying thick cat eye liner.
  • MRP. Rs : 70/-
  • 6. Eye groomer –

     it has got two brushes in one. In this you get a fine little comb to comb and seperate your lashes hair. Also it has a brush to shape eyebrows or merge eyebrow color.
  • MRP. Rs : 60/-
  • 7. Lip filler –

     this one is a flat brush with a pointed tip/ pencil shape.
  • - good for shaping lips.
  • - good for filling and blending color, multi functional.
  • - works great as a pencil smudger as well.
  • MRP Rs. 60/-
    overall rating : ****/5

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kryolan Ultra Underbase plus review


Today i am sharing one more amazing product KRYOLAN UNDERBASE plus. A must read for all of you having problem that makeup does not stay!!! does your makeup stay longer? Does your skin look patchy after applying makeup? If this is your problem here i suggest you this magical product kryolan underbase plus.

Kryolan underbase plus which is a primer has a creamy texture. Also it has spf 20 so not only it primes but also protects skin from harmful U.V. rays. This suits all skin types, especially i recommend this product to those having dry & sensitive skin, as its creamy liquid not only primes but really nourishes skin and instantly smoothes skin texture that letz you a flawless unpatchy makeup application and let makeup stay for longer without causing any breakout.

Now it's 1 year since i am continuously using it reason being that this really is my favorite primer. What you need is just a pea size quantity , spread it all over face and neck and blend, let it be absorbed by skin for two minutes. Result is noticeable smoother skin all set for makeup.

Also i love how posh its packing look. I mean it comes packed in this expensive looking bottle in silver color and a metal ring.

Also once you open the cap you find a nice pump that makes it more desirable as it helps keeping the product untouched by hand so bacteria free and ofcourse no point of wastage.

I lOVE this primer go get this especially all those of you having dry and sensitive skin.

It gives skin a fabulous skin texture.

Comes in this bottle of 60ml
price RS. 900/-
spf 20

Friday, March 2, 2012

NYX Rouge cream blush CB 05 Glow review & swatch

NYX Rouge cream blush CB 05 Glow review & swatch

Price & quantity:

 650/-INR for 3.5 g

My experience with this product:

I was really thinking of penning down a review for nyx cream blush because since i have bought this, i am just ending up loving it more & more & more...this cream blush really deserves an appreciation.

This is a creme blush  that really helps to blend it well on skin & make the skin look as its naturally blushing. A little touch of this is just what you need, because it really provide a very high pigment to the cheeks. I recommend to always start off with just a little pat of the blush on cheek.if needed go ahead you can always apply more.
Coming to its lasting stay, this blush actually stays easily for almost 8 hrs. Also with the passing hours, i noticed it actually looks more blended with the skin, providing that rosy glowy cheeks, you will fall in love with.

The blush has such beautiful creamy texture that it just melts with your skin resulting in naturally blushed cheeks.I have this in the shade CB05 Glow, its a divine shade and i mean it. I bet you ll fall in love with this. Its a kind of peachy pink shade but more on the pinkish side, Beautiful simply. Something that will suit every complexion.I am loving this blush so much that already i am thinking of buying  few more colors.


1.Creamy in texture
2. Very pigmented 
3. Stays longer
4. Cruelty free/ hypo allergic.
5. Beautiful peachy pink shade.



overall rate: 


Verdict: You should have atleast one! Love nyx creme blushes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maybelline Newyork Clearglow B.B cream Bright Benefit Cream

Maybelline Newyork  Clearglow B.B cream Bright Benefit Cream

Company Claims : 

Brightens.Evens tone.Protects.Hydrates.

Price & Quantity :

RS. 199/- for 18ml.

So here's the India's very first & also most raved B.B. Cream, Maybelline Clearglow B.B. Cream with micro minerals. It an eight in one skin transformer that at a time brightens evens tone, protects,  hydrates,  freshens,  smoothes, clarifies & conceals. Available in 3 shades
01 nude
02 medium
03 deep


infused with a blend of good for you ingredients:
talc, fairness complex, moisturiser and skin brightening minerals.

My experience with this product:

Excellent substitute for those who want a brighter complexion but do not want to use foundation on daily basis. As it provides you with an instant brighter and fresh complexion with a little coverage of flaws. Obviously it can't give you a coverage like that of a foundation. It will be more good to compare it with a tinted moisturiser.

it provides a brighter looking natural complexion that appears healthy. This bb cream Smoothes out skin texture and works as a multi -functional product, Works great as a sunscreen as it has spf 21/pa+++, moisturize, brightens and also conceals.
Comes in this very cute squeeze tube that has a pin size hole that makes sure there's no wastage when you squeeze the liquid out.

my shade 001 NUDE

once blended here's how it looks

Pros :

1. Pocket friendly. 
2. Multifunctional. Just one product gives you the benefit of a sunscreen, foundation, moisturiser, concealer.     What else one can ask for now ;)
3. Dermatologist tested.
4. Evens out skin tone.

Cons :

1. Available only in three shades. Would have been better if its available in few more shades. As of now only available in 3 shades.
2. Also the shades available are all yellow undertone based.So really there is nothing on offer to those having pink undertones.Sad :(

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kryolan ultra setting spray review

Kryolan ultra setting spray review

What Company claims:

Light makeup fixing spray. Seals makeup with a protective ultra fine translucent coating.

Price & quantity:

600/-INR for 50ml

Art no. 9291

My experience with this product:

First of all let me start with what are fixing sprays? For those who are not aware,Fixing sprays as they sound are used after once the makeup is done to set it up so that it remains intact as it is without any touch up.
Yaa it makes your makeup stay longer and fresh as it is just applied.

 To apply this, i like to spray it on my face once i m done with my makeup from a distance of half of a hand.Also it is very important to shake the bottle well before spraying the liquid . This really seals my makeup with a nice silky coating which also provides me with that expensive glowing skin finish.And i really love it.It feels so light on the skin giving beautiful silk finish when applied evenly.
Just apply a thin fine coating evenly and you are sorted. Don't spray it too much otherwise it will appear as a patch of peeled skin.


kryolan ultra setting spray should always be applied with atleast a distance that of a half of a hand.
Keep eyes closed when spraying it.
Shake the bottle well before using it.


1. Makes makeup stay intact.
2. Extends lasting stay of makeup.
3. Gives beautiful expensive looking skin.
4. Gives silk like finish.
5. Feels light weight.


1. A liitle too much will make skin patchy looking.

Overall rating:


Verdict: A very good and budget friendly product that can be given a try, if you are looking for some affordable make up setting spray with amazing quality!

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